Why Should You Consider Teaching Abroad?


The number of  international teaching jobs  is at an all-time high and these opportunities are gaining interest from people who intend to join this noble profession from all over the world. Well, there’s really no blaming those who are interested because teaching abroad does come with so many benefits. The fact that you’d be able to incorporate in your resume someday that you had at some an international teaching career is in itself already very prestigious. And unlike several decades back, you can now expect higher salary incentives, not to mention the honor of having to teach the underprivileged and uneducated.

If you are intrigued with the prospect of teaching overseas but aren’t really sure, then these reasons could very well convince you:

1 – You get to go beyond your comfort zone and create a new direction in life.

When it comes to new adventures, nothing beats the idea of going and settling in another country. And when you combine that with building a new career in overseas teaching, it’s probably the boldest decision you’re making in your life. All your life you’ve been hiding yourself in your comfort zone, but should you feel like you need some change, take a new direction by discovering the prospect of teaching abroad.

2 – It’s your best opportunity to learn a new language or two.

Aside from the change of setting, going to another country to teach also gives you the best chance to learn the language or languages to the place you’re heading. Isn’t that exciting in itself? Obviously, teaching a new people with a foreign language is indeed challenging because you have to integrate yourself in the community and learn their customs, including their language. But isn’t that what you’re really after?

3 – It pays well.

One of the most obvious perks of teaching overseas is that you will get paid a lot of money for it. Considering that you are sacrificing things like being away to your family and having to live alone in a foreign territory, all those are compensated with more than enough salary for you to be able to give yourself the financial stability and freedom you deserve.

4 – You make a lot of friends in the process.

Finally, teaching abroad is just way too fun and excitement for you not to seriously consider it. The fact that you are to interact and be with so many different people as a teacher means you eventually will be making a lot of friends in no time. So if you consider yourself as someone who thrives in an environment where people look up to you as an inspiration and friend, then teaching overseas is definitely the ideal career for you. Look up international teacher recruitment agencies now and get started!

For teaching tips, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_rqDhNgOqQ.


What You Need To Know About Teaching Overseas


If you are thinking of teaching abroad, you must understand that there are certain things you need to consider. It is a difficult decision which you should not neglect. You need to consider the country that you want to teach in as well as locating a reputable and established program that can help you find international teacher jobs.

Remember that there are positives as well as negatives to becoming an international educator. However, understanding what you are getting into will help make your teaching experience a more positive and fulfilling journey. Here are the things that you need to know about teaching overseas.

It gives you the opportunity to earn more

It is possible to earn a lot by moving abroad to become a teacher. The amount of salary may not seem comparable to Western standards, however, the lower cost of overseas living may actually help you save more from your income. You should look for a reputable placement agency that helps educators find inexpensive housing and health insurance. It is best to look for housing that is near the school or university so that you do not have to get a car while abroad, saving you from car payments and insurance.

You may get homesick while working abroad

One of the obstacles or challenges of teaching jobs overseas is feeling homesick or missing the family back in your own country. Fortunately, regularly staying in touch with them is no longer a problem as it can be done either through emails, text messages and video chats. Modern technology helps make being away easier by being able to keep in touch with your loved ones whenever you want to.

You get to travel easily

Many international educators say that one of the perks of teaching overseas is getting the chance to travel the world. They can then spend their vacation or off time going to a nearby country to explore and experience a whole new world. Traveling is indeed one of the perks of working abroad as a teacher.

A rewarding professional and personal experience

One of the best benefits of becoming an international educator is that all challenges and learning you will experience is very rewarding, professionally and personally. Meeting new people, experiencing their culture and being able to teach others is an uplifting and rewarding experience in itself. If you are interested in becoming a teacher abroad, you should weigh in the pros and cons and consider getting the assistance of a reputable agency to help you in settling down.

To know more about the financial benefits of teaching abroad, go to http://www.ehow.com/about_7695537_average-salary-teaching-abroad.html.

Taking Away the Stress from International Teaching Job Fairs



Going to a teachers international job fair can cause you a lot of stress. Whether this if your first every teaching job abroad or your 20th, international job fairs certainly play chaos with your nerves. This stress can have a great effect in your ability to present your best side to the recruiters, as a result, taking them away must be your priority. One sure fire method to decrease or even take away the stress that you are feeling is to have a backup plan.

Plan to go to more than one abroad recruiting fair – there are more than 15 job fairs done each and every year that are devoted to international school teacher recruitments and you can definitely apply to all of these in a single year. In addition, you can even go to more than one job fair with the same recruiting company. Not all of the international schools go to each teaching job fair. You can meet a couple of directors from various international schools if you will attend more than one job fair. And one method to make sure that you obtain maximum exposure to the recruiters is to attend to more than one job fair.

The various job fair organizations, ISS, CIS and search associates have various schools that recruit them, as a result, mixing your job fair registration as well as going to more than one job fair can escalate your chances of finding a remarkable teaching overseas position for you. a lot of the job fair organizations provide job fairs in the same place back to back, as a result, you can surely fly to London or Bangkok for instance and go to two job fairs that are organized by two different agencies in a single trip. Complete information about the locations and dates of the job fairs organized by these three big organizers are available in the Complete Guide to Securing a Job at an International School.

Know what is your next move if you don’t get hired by an international teaching contract this school year – it is important that you have backup plans in the event that you will not get an offer from any school directors this year. You don’t have to feel depressed or whatsoever, just keep on, press forward and have faith in our God. He clearly stated in His Word, “Ask in faith and it will be given to you.”

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